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Yoga Practice


At Tophat Salon we believe that Beauty and Nutrition go hand in hand.

We have researched many Health & Wellness programs and only one qualified.
It is a Physician led program that teaches about reaching and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing. 

If you had the choice to thrive in your health and life, would you take it?

I am not asking you if you think you can do it. I'm only asking if it's important to you. I know the thought of being healthy might seem a long way from where you are right now. If your motivation to get help is to lose some weight, the goal of optimal health and wellbeing might seem like a fantasy. Let me assure you, it really isn't. You can definitely create optimal health in your life.


You just need to learn how. 

We offer FREE Health Assessments to everyone that struggles with Health and/or Weight Loss.


To schedule with one of our Health Coaches click on the link "Make a Reservation" and request your complimentary Health Assessment.


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